Delfos Digital PUCRS - Use Policy

1 Content Policy

Delfos Digital releases only documents Delfos' collections that were selected for inclusion and have appropriate permission.

Types of documents supported for inclusion in Delfos Digital

Access Delfos website to see the full list of documents supported:

2 Metadata Policy

Content deposited in Delfos Digital is required to have metadata describing content, origin, formats, etc. in order to facilitate content dissemination and preservation.

Anyone can have free access to the metadata. Metadata can be reused for non-profit purposes, as long as an identifier or a link to the original metadata is included. Metadata shall not be reused in any medium for commercial purposes without formal permission.

3 Submission Policy

Submission of documents in Delfos Digital will be carried out exclusively by the Delfos, which will inform the metadata, attach the relevant PDF file(s) and make the document available in Delfos Digital for public consultation.

4 Copyright Policy

Items in Delfos Digital are protected by original copyright, with all rights reserved to the author, unless otherwise stated. The copyright on work(s) deposited remains with the author of the work(s), to protect any rights that may be held by third parties on materials included in the work(s) deposited.

All works are made available in Delfos Digital in accordance with the licensing of the latest version of Creative Commons, which: (a) requires attribution (credits); (b) allows non-commercial use; and (c) prohibits the creation of derivative works.

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